The following article will provide you with ideas for ways to use your mini food processor and why it is worth the investment if you only cook for yourself often.

Ways to Use:

Baking: When baked goods are a must for your meal, you can use the mini food processor to pulse ingredients to give yourself fine textures or evenly distributed sizes. For example, you can give milk and eggs a quick pulse to make egg whites in no time flat. When making bread, it is best to process the ingredients in two batches instead of three. If you do not use all of the processor bowls at once, there is more room for anything else that you might need to be processed.

Cracking hard-boiled eggs: As its name suggests, the mini food processor will be small enough for you to crack hard-boiled eggs with ease. 

Scented Detergent: If you want to make scented detergents, a mini food processor will be more than enough. Depending on the type of scent you wish to add, you could use mint or rosemary for a fresh scent. You can make more than what is needed at one time and save the rest in an air-tight container for other purposes like fabric softener for your home.

Fruit Desserts: A mini food processor is perfect for chopping fruit for desserts because some fruits don’t need to be pureed or minced into tiny pieces. Instead, they can create smoothies with just the right amount of ingredients. 

More Spice: If you want to make your homemade spice, it is possible to do so with a mini food processor. While making your ingredients might be easier with a larger model, the mini food processor is still more than adequate for the job. You can even create a hot sauce and keep it in the refrigerator for future use!

Pies and Cakes: Mini food processors can be used to make pies with ease because you can make fresh pie crust without needing eggroll wrappers or other materials that might take up too much space in your kitchen when they aren’t being used. Also, you will have more variety when it comes to pie crusts with a mini food processor.

Roux: Make a roux with butter and oil on your mini food processor and create your homemade sauces in no time. For example, if you want to make a tomato sauce without making it from scratch, use the food processor easily.

Salad Dressing: Make some dressing in your mini food processor if you want to try different dressings and sauces. It is a good idea to store the extra dressing in an air-tight container, so you don’t have to start it all over again whenever you need it. 

Stir Fry: With the mini food processor, you can make stir fry without worrying about adding too much oil or having to chop up a lot of ingredients with your premade mix. Make larger batches of stir fry to ensure that you have enough for more than one person at a time!

Tartar Sauce: Tartar sauce is great to make when you’re using a mini food processor. To create your tartar sauce, start by combining mayonnaise and butter in the blender before adding other ingredients like Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice.

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The mini food processor can do a lot more than you might think. These tips will be easy to make your ingredients for foods without taking up too much space in your kitchen. Instead of learning how to bake, use a mini food processor to create exciting combinations and keep what you don’t use for another day.