Tep by Step Guide of Grating Cheese in a Mini Food Processor:

1. detach the metal tube from the lid

2. Pull out the blade from the tube and place it onto a cutting board- Make sure you look at how to insert it before doing so! It is placed backward, with the sharp side down

3. Tear or cut a piece of cheese off into a thin slice- This will be easier if you freeze your cheese beforehand!

4. Place the piece of cheese on the blade of your mini food processor

5. Close the lid, turn on the machine and run it for 50-60 seconds- It will be nicely grated.

6. Turn off the machine and pull out the blade to discard it

7. Now, repeat steps 1- through 6, but instead of cheese, use a block of cheese that you have grated!

8. Turn on the machine and process for about 25 seconds

9. Then, turn off the machine and pull out the blade to discard it

10. Finally, repeat steps 6- through 10 with the second piece of cheese.

11. You have now grated TWO PIECES OF CHEESE! Great job

12. Enjoy your cheese!

How to Store This Grated Cheese:

1. Place the cheese in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator

2. Use within three to four days!

Other Ways to Grate Cheese:

There are countless ways to grate cheese in mini food processors. Here are some that you may want to try.

If you have a stand mixer, you could use the bowl attachment

If you have a blender, use the mesh blade on it! You can also use the grater attachment if it has one.

Another great way to grate cheese is to use a hand grater. It is best for people with stronger hands.

This idea will never go out of style. You can use your mini food processor to grate cheese, but you must first learn to do it properly, so you don’t mash your cheese.

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Using a mini food processor is such an efficient and easy way to grate your cheese without making a mess with a grater or having to pay for it at the store. Not only that, but it is more accessible and cheaper than most graters. It is a great accomplishment to know how to grate cheese in a mini food processor!


Q: How much cheese should I grate in a mini food processor?

A: A mini food processor’s capacity is determined by the size of the blade. The grater attachment has a smaller grid than the shredding plate.

Q: Does grating cheese in a mini food processor take up too much counter space?

A: If you have a small kitchen and can only fit one appliance, then yes. But if you have a large kitchen and want to save space, then no.

Q: How do you know when your cheese is ready for consumption?

A: Cheese will be ready in about 5 minutes in the food processor, and you will be able to see when it is done when the cheese has melted. You can also identify this while grating cheese when you pull the indentations from the metal grating plate.